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I haven't just been sitting at home producing snot, you know. Well, for the first couple of days I did, but yesterday I produced two new skirts - one from a blotchy green fabric with a title (it was called 'Haunted Hallows' ummm) - a half slip in black (desperately needed) and repaired my favourite spirally green skirt.

And came to the conclusion that I want a craft room. It would be really nice to be able to leave my half-completed projects out instead of having to put them away. It would also be nice to not have a sewing table in the middle of the lounge.

And, in a couple of months I will likely have an influx of MORE craft stuff. *sigh*

On the upside, in a couple of months more, give or take, I'll be looking to buy a house. The one I'm living in now has a bedsit flat attached. Hmm..

Meanwhile, I'm feeling better today*. You know how you can tell when the snot shifts from inside to 'coming out'? It's awesome. I can think again and even tell what the temperature is. Cue me trying to do too much and getting sick again.

Finally, question: should I write about policy surrounding ex-nuptial births for the last 150 years, or should I write about the social construction of family in Unzud? I have a month.

* I haven't been sick for over a year, I'm out of practice and add new meaning to the word pathetic. Twenty million gold stars to ferrouswheel for braving that to bring me Lemsip.
Tags: craft room now plz, my kingdom for a kingdom, snot factory
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