tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Inauspicious start

So I attempted to go to my lecture today. The ethics of staying home from work to save my colleagues but being willing to spread my bugs to other students are questionable, yes - but given the circumstances, I've already missed the first week and just wanted to catch up.

It was not to be. The nearest parking space to the University was up past the Kelburn shops, and having driven around for 20 minutes, I gave up.. Yes, the irony of this is not lost on me, given that if I'd been at work I wouldn't have needed to find a park. However there was a 5 min parking space so I thought I'd at least get the course notes and do the readings so I'd have some idea come Thursday, right?

This was not to be either. They're out of the readings for my course, there won't be more till Thursday. So I guess I'll just make Thursday my official course start date, and try to find the named readings on the internet in the meantime.

And on getting home, there was yet another of those "Congrats on a top mark" letters. That's four of them I've collected now and each time I get one I wonder more about what the criteria are for sending them. I have trouble believing I'm that good to get THE top mark in 4/6 courses. I can imagine being one of the top ten or top five..

Why do I even care?
Tags: hey look, i'm talking to the internet again
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