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It's true..

There's a saying that it always rains when a maori dies. Today, my colleague was at his cousin's tangi, and look at the weather. This has happened often enough that I can't ignore it. I'm convinced.. the freakiest one was a tangi I had to deliver flowers to, and a tornado came through and ripped the roof off the marae while everyone was inside.

At circus we did poi, stilts (Kim is Excellently Good on these, I.. well.. I'm not), balancey-rolly surfboardy things, unicycle, rope climbing and some trapeze. It was fun. Especially the unicycle. I managed to go along with one hand on the wall and not fall off. Think it'll be a while before I'm ready for this though.

It used lots of muscles that climbing doesn't use, and for $15 for two hours it's so worth it. You get to indulge your overgrown kid-ness.. and they are always looking for more people, so if it appeals, come!

Today is Go Home Early Friday. Yay for Go Home Early Fridays! And goth-y stuff tonight. Life is good.
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