tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Striking while the iron's hot

And I come from a long line of blacksmiths, so I know a thing or two about striking hot iron. Like, make sure you're hanging onto the other end!


Anyway, this week has been productive. No kid, icky weather, home at night watching/listening to War On Drugs Merlin.. here's a list of the things I've achieved, more for my own satisfaction than anything else:

- Finished matrix coat
- Finished petal coat
- Fixed backsplit in pink dress that became bum-revealing after a pedestrian crossing incident where I faceplanted in front of a bunch of cars.
- Added a pirate patch to First's coat. ARRRRR!
- Fixed the collar on my zip cardie (what? everyone has a zip cardie)
- Put a wee toggle in my new bag so I can clip my keys in
- Put the Fannies back together

My mending/project pile has got considerably smaller - there's only one skirt left in it, and a knitted jacket thing that has a run in the shoulder - I've no idea how to fix that but I love the jacket and have to figure out a way.

I love that I can be in someone else's car, hear an album I like, and one hour later I own it and can listen whenever I want. It sure beats saving up my pocket money to buy cassettes (three week minimum) and then playing them in my clock radio like I did in 1987.

The album in question is Infected Mushroom's Converting Vegetarians - an oldie but a goodie, from the days when IM was more experimental and before they tried to become a metal band.

Meanwhile, in "UFOs come to the antipodes too" news, check this out. New Zealand has its own outer-space mystery! And a mythical city called Samaru! I think they mean Oamaru, but I struggle to think of that as a city. Here's a picture of Oamaru:

I know, the average New Yorker would be totally lost in Oamaru - so big and seething!

So anyway, on the topic of hot iron striking and the fact that I've been watching armour-clad knights charge around on suspiciously-Spanish-looking-for-the-times horses, I got to thinking about horseshoeing and who invented it.

According to this referenced article, it seems it was a collaborative effort. It also seems that given the estimated timing of the life of Arthur (early 6th century AD), horseshoeing would not yet have been common - although the tale of Wayland Smith dates from this time too, so they must have been around. I doubt very much, though, that there was such an availability of iron that folks were decked out the way they are in this show.

And thinking about Arthur and Wayland made me think about Herne the Hunter, only to discover that my beloved Robin of Sherwood played fast and loose with history as well. Turns out that Herne was supposedly a huntsman at the court of Richard II, and yet Robin (who had Herne as a patron) lived in the time of Richard I - 200 years earlier - at least according to the TV series. And there are those who would merge Herne with the various 'horned god' myths that have been around since, well.. forever, labelling him as a forest deity and allowing for the possibility of him not only popping up in Robin's time, but also in Arthur's as Susan Cooper would have us believe.

Me, I don't know. But I am pretty sure that "OK" wasn't in common usage in Arthur's time, and "take a look" is an Americanism - the English say "have a look" and back in 516AD, they probably said something altogether different, and that whoever's doing continuity in Merlin doesn't get paid enough to do proper research.

I bet "fuck" was around then though - not that you'll hear them use it.

Right, I'm off to go see the doctor about not getting dizzy and being able to hear.
Tags: arthur, herne the hunter, horseshoes, robin hood, wayland smith
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