tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Mah cloze, let me show you them

Last night we ate steak and watched the first four episodes of Merlin. It's silly, I like it.

I have trouble just watching media when I'm at home, and instead I usually listen to it and do something else at the same time. Last night, I finished coat number 2.

I can't remember how many (feathers? scales? petals?) are in this - something in the range of 280 - but it took two full days to cut and sew them, then another two to put them on the coat. It's heavy.

Next, I shall make something for myself. I'm kind of bored with my wardrobe right now, so I should make skirts and tops, but what I really want to make is a fluoro tutu in rainbow colours. I am also considering going through my fabric bins and Doing Something with all the bits. This process is the nightmare of every sewer. Mostly because when you cut a pattern, there are always bits left over that are big enough to be useful for something but not big enough to make a whole thing from, and you end up with loads of these might-be-useful bits filling up your bins.

I can kind of see why patchwork was so popular in the olden days.

And what I really should do is put the Fannies back together. They've been sitting there for a bit taunting me with their nakedness and making me feel guilty because Happy was so quick off the mark for fixing them. That can be tonight's project. Along with more silly Merlin, because silly Merlin is eminently listenable without having to watch.

In other news, my body shape is changing. I kind of like it even though I'm not convinced that I'll ever have a practical use for muscles that let me lift heavy things over my head. I think being generally muscly is quite nice though, and I'm hoping for a reduction in the knobbliness of my knees (by comparison to my thighs, which might get a bit bigger).

Meanwhile, I have long been of the understanding that the 6 o'clock swill contributed in a big way to the binge-drinking culture in New Zealand by giving most workers only one hour between finishing work and the pubs closing, which led to people getting as drunk as possible in the short space of time - a practice which seems to have stuck with us.

Now I see that we are looking at reintroducing enforced closing times. While 4am is far from 6pm, I still wonder if this isn't an arse-backwards way of addressing the issues around drinking - I am envisioning Courtenay Place at 4am after everyone's crammed as much booze as possible into that last hour.

How will that be better than the way it is now?
Tags: forced closing times, moar costumes, the sewer's nightmare
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