tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Tats' too-much-coffee post

Hey hey, I got an A! This is me going YAY! (and wiping some sweat from my brow in relief that I didn't blow my average during StressFest month)

I just learned that return flights to Hong Kong can be had for ~$2000. Which is cheaper than South Africa!~ #brightside

This will haunt your nightmares.

I am now having some trouble getting my heart rate over about 140. I know I could work harder, but hard work is hard. *grumble*

I find myself amazed how few people have previously noticed just how heinous Angelina Jolie's pants are in Hackers. Also, I can't see where the track Eyes Lips Body was used in the movie, and I think I shall take to riding around on a skateboard while hanging onto the side of a car. Because that looks SO COOL.

You should come to Speed of Sound on August 13th.

I finished the Matrix coat. It looks like this:

Actually it looks better cos it has Dr Wheel in it.

Washed wool is less itchy than greasy wool because it doesn't have the grease in it that causes the little itchy bits to stick to your skin.

I drove to Horokiwi to check the sheep, now my car is grubby. I am resisting washing it because I'll be up there again this weekend, and surely once a fortnight is enough for car washing?

I am glad I can get a doctor's note for when I'm late for work.
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