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I'm gonna run away and join the circus..

Well, maybe not, but at least after tonight, if I want to, I can. I hope we're not practicing sticking our heads in lions' mouths. I hear their breath is more dangerous than their teeth. Hopefully we'll be doing something a little bit tamer, like juggling or trapeze.

In fact, I'm quite the social butterfly this week, with book stuff, circus stuff, goth stuff and bellydancing stuff. (Enough with the jokes about bellies and the lack thereof, ok? Statuesque women do -not- have the monopoly on wiggling).. and I'm excited cos I get to wear my corset. Why does that thrill me so much? ;-)

Anybody remember Shriekback? I used to go nuts on them in the olden days, and I stumbled across Cradle Song last night. I love the lyrics to this.. they are such an eloquent wish to give someone:

Sing the cradle song now, as the light fades around us,
And you breathe like the ocean, lying small in my arms.
See it all in a moment, you're so young and unclouded,
Shining bright as a light, feel the motion of time,
As the world rolls away from the sun.
I can feel your life burning, unlived moments within you,
For the light I can see.

May the fire be your friend, and the sea rock you gently,
May the moon light your way, till the wind sets you free.

I remember your face, as you cried for the first time,
The cold air of the world, and the fierce light of day,
And the cruel separation, in a world full of tears.
Done with pain too unfeeling, will you hold to your truth?
As you walk about lighter than reason
The stone walls which surround us -
May your spirit fly round them, like the wind from the sea.

May the fire be your friend, and the sea rock you gently,
May the mon light your way, till the wind sets you free.

May you never know hunger
May you love with a full heart
The light stay in your eyes.
May the fire be your friend
And the sea rock you gently
May the moon light your way
Till the wind sets you free.
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