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So climbing without my mad-keen-maniacal buddy was kinda different. Obviously, no belayer means no highwalls, so it was Boulders-R-Us. OK, I can do this.. find a problem, start throwing myself at it.. 10 minutes later there are two of us doing it, then three... awesomely sociable sport. Cool. Also very intense, without the wait between goes. Perv factor was definitely down tonight though.. ;-)

It's reassuring to know that the lack of climbing partner isn't going to stop me, which means two things: I'll carry on improving (vital) and I'll be fit and strong in a month instead of floppy and wimpy. I tried doing pullups off the doorframe and surprised myself that I can do seven (then three more with a rest - that makes ten, right? RIGHT?).

And, especially for russiandolls, lifeofreilly and any other mad scientists who read this, here is a list of actual molecules and things with silly names, including Arsole, Cummingtonite and Moronic Acid..

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