tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Oh my.

How sad is it that all I can think looking at that is "Damn, they got the proportion wrong."

(and yes, i know centaurs are hard, they could never exist in reality, and I also know I could do it as well if not better)

Also, my handpiece should arrive today. I'm excited about the box. My toolbox is old and peely-painty and huckery, this one is new! and shiny!

To take care of myself:

Getting into bed early
Had a bubble bath last night
Relaxation stuff - mostly breathing exercises
Eating lots of fruit and vegies. They make me fart a lot and my body smell has changed which is weird.
Saying no to the project manager who asked me to work on Saturday

On Tuesday night I narrowly avoided shaving my head.

I don't understand why more folks aren't into water as just water. Why does it have to have flavourings and sugar? Actual water is one of the nicest tastes there is.

What is this guy doing?

Stone jumping.

No idea why.
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