tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

It's going to be a fine night tonight

Today we are going on a field trip to Palmerston North - three people from my team, including the manager, a project manager, and me. It was suggested that we all bring a CD to contribute to musical interludes. I brought Garden Spores, a compilation of NZ psy electronica from Estuary Records.

I might be a little bit evil.

I also remember being subjected to show tunes all the way to Taupo once on a work trip, and that kind of broke my musical consideration for others on combined road trips.

Today is the first day since last Tuesday that I haven't had Mum-related errands to run. In addition, pombagira and thomasdequinc are both going to be home late tonight. I may run around the house naked some.

Malvina Major is fancy, I wouldn't mind living there myself. It smells nice too. Sadly they have no free beds at the moment, but we got on the waiting list, so that's something, right? Now to do the same thing with all the other nice places in this town.

Recommended road trip music, anyone? Apart from the one above, I really like Inside The Dub Plates or Killervision by Salmonella Dub, or any of the Digital Lama Zen collection
Tags: music to make your colleagues hate you, road trips
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