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I loves me some tasty bibliographising!

1543 words, take that! Meanwhile, it looks better today than it did yesterday, and I woke up with the thing it needed to tie it all together in my head. Nyah. I predict a good solid B- (but then I always think my essays are crap).

This morning's excitement was all about taking pombagira to the hospital because she was all white and owie, and leaving her there to get poked and prodded and told that no it's not her appendix bursting but another bout of endometriosis. For those of you who don't know about endometriosis, it's one of those conditions for which there's no cure, and women suffering from it get to hear the dreaded words "learn to manage your pain". And that is a real shame considering how many women suffer from it.

The good news is that once sufferers get beyond their reproductive years, mostly they don't have to cope with crippling pain any more.

Meanwhile, what do you think of this? PMS is a social construction. I don't really know what to think. I know I preferred when it was called "Premenstrual Tension" because that's how it manifests to me - I'm tense. Everything else that happens to me stems from that. And it has less of the 'you are flawed' connotations. I don't have a syndrome, fuckit, I'm tense. People are allowed to be tense without being ill.

But that's just me and I think that because tension is as far as it goes for me. 149 symptoms later and we have a syndrome, apparently.

Here's an interesting thing (abstract). A study grouping women into those sensitive to cues from their body, and those not sensitive. The most interesting thing there is that body-cue women were more likely to experience PMS, and that a reminder of where they were at in their cycle could prevent PMS.

I wonder about this, in that 'name the demon' kind of way. Say your body's changing, as it does, and while you haven't consciously noticed and acknowledged this, your subconscious (or whatever you want to call that thing that feels the changes in daylight hours) has, and it's creating a form of cognitive dissonance - more or less the same form that seems to create tension when daylight savings goes on too long, or the weird, unverified but observed not-rightness that people seem to feel around the equinoxes - or when you've been sleeping a while and you wake up thinking it should be morning, yet the sun's in the wrong place.

For me, I do feel I get PMT (tension, not syndrome thanks people). And I know that when I am feeling that weird tension and I realise that it's about that time (for me can be narrowed down to about 2 days, a week or so out from my period), I become able to control the tension and it stops. Is this because my conscious mind has caught up with the thing my body's doing, and the cognitive dissonance has gone? I know that if I don't identify it, the tension persists and can become quite a downward spiral and I can not put my finger on why I'm feeling like that.

I wonder...

Also, it seems the Child Support calculation was a mistake (what's with IRD and calculating things on people's income from years ago?). I've since got a new notice that says things are going to continue at more or less the same level as last year. Good news.
Tags: girly tmi, thoughts about cognitive dissonance
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