tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Activism day!

Here's my contribution to the campaign against the internet filter that has already been implemented in New Zealand (did you know that? no? not surprised).

Information on how to help here.
Basically, make a sign saying what you want to say about the internet filter, take a photo of yourself and send it to kimeros. It'll become part of a slideshow on the website dedicated to the campaign opposing the internet filter. Information by smart people who know more than me about the filter here.

The filter went live in NZ on February 1st. On the 16th of March (today) there has still been no official announcement from the Department of Internal Affairs. We only know at all because of lobbying by TechLiberty.

Secrecy in censorship scares me. Not because I want to look at child pornography, but because I'm afraid of what else will end up being censored that we won't be told about. There is not a single country with an internet filter in which the scope of censorship hasn't extended beyond child pornography. And how would we know if that happened here too?

That's why I'm protesting. And why you should consider it too.
Tags: internet filter, waving fist at government, yikes

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