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Hold me now, I'm six feet from the edge....

Well, the mountain is still there, all beautifully cloaked in white and shining and pristine in that way that just invites you to go make footprints.

Alas, the part of the mountain we went to had about 7000 people on it. By early afternoon I had convinced Tommy to go a bit higher up, and we "pizza'd" our way down slowly through the man-made blizzard of the snowmaking machines.

It was fun, in that way you have fun when you're watching a kid you really care about goof off on something cool. The look on his face when he got to the bottom of the rockgarden made my day.

Monopoly makes for bad service.
Asian culture does not teach people how to queue politely.
There is little perv value when all you can see of people is the end of their nose.
Going away even for a short while makes you appreciate home.

Call me selfish, but I'm looking forward to the next trip, when I can go really fast. Wheeeee!
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