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Further to the Wellywood sign thing, have my take on what it should say:

Get yours here!

I've seen a bit around over the last week about a study purported to show that men are more likely to be pleased about an unplanned pregnancy than women.

(Small note here - WTF is with the 'egg-depleted big 3-0' remark? Hear that ladies, you're dried-up by the time you're 30!)

So people, being people, are postulating about why that might be. I've seen these theories so far:

That women are more afraid of unplanned pregnancy than men because the opportunity cost for women is higher.
That men actually want babies more than they are made out to, and like the idea of the decision being made for them so they don't have to admit to 'girly stuff'.

I'm kind of surprised that nobody's mentioned the possibility that these men may have felt pressure to say they'd be pleased because that's the 'appropriate' response for a young man to make to such an event. Witness the social scourging of men who are not pleased to discover they're to be fathers, and the pressure for them to 'do the right thing' by standing by the mother. It's true that it's easier for a man to walk away from a pregnancy than it is for a woman, but the societal pressure for men to be seen to be supportive of a pregnancy is still there.

As a woman I am aware of the pressure to be pleased by babies, and the vilification of women who are not happy to find themselves pregnant or overjoyed to be mothers. Admitting you don't want to be a parent isn't just hard for women - men are expected to want to reproduce too. I can imagine that a responsible and genuine young man would feel an expectation to be pleased by a surprise pregnancy, and to express pleasure whether he felt it or not - and for his response to such a survey to reflect this pressure to 'do the right thing'.

Is it just me who's that cynical?

I dyed my hair last night. Just put Atomic Pink over the dark, and redid the orange bit. It's not hugely different, just added some pink to the bits that have faded out and gave it an overall cast of pink-not-brown. I like it. And I trimmed my fringe because it was getting moppy. My haircutting skills are not flash and I look kind of like an urchin. I'm ok with that.

Also, does Prof David Nutt's work count as critical research? Because he's an example I'm familiar with, that I could probably write a good essay around.
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