tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Wrap me in cotton wool, I'm made of glass

Oh Utah! Seriously, whose idea was that?

This is me picturing all the women in Utah taking to their beds when pregnant, for fear of being charged with 'reckless miscarriage', and then having childbirth problems due to inactivity and lack of fitness.


It's my first lecture today. I have trepidation, mostly about trekking up the hill with my broken arse. It'll probably help loosen up the muscles but OW! Also, I have this weird aversion to pulling out Socrates in the lecture theatre for taking notes - I think it's a base ex-dargavillian fear of being one of those people. I'm going to do it anyway, because that's part of his purpose.

Last night we had the first Make Noises gathering and Will showed me how to get myself set up on a mixer someone else is already using. Much consultation ensued regarding mixing out of someone else's track, the conclusion being I have to get a better ear, or become ok with making sudden silences in which everyone looks at me expectantly. Anyway, it was good, and there was Bonus Cass, and eventually I will stop feeling as if I don't belong behind a mixing desk.

And I dreamed that I was in a woolshed, using a sniper rifle to shoot commandos dressed as civilians who were coming up through the portholes to do Unspecified Nasty Things to me.

Trying to decide whether to block anonymous commenting or not. Yeah, my troll replied to the post I made about it, being argumentative. It's not exactly disrespecting the boundaries that I made very clear, but I don't know if I can be bothered engaging with someone who only ever comments negatively and thinks they know me but won't identify themself, who doesn't want to leave, yet objects to most things I say and doesn't want to actually form a relationship in which we can communicate as equals. On the other side, blocking anonymous comments also blocks my Mum, and I've only ever blocked one other person. I keep my blog mostly public for a reason, and usually I enjoy debate. Although, this person has been less with the debate lately and more with the appearing to just try and wind me up.

What would you do?
Tags: anonymous commentors, dj trainwreck, study
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