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Quote of the day

King: "He's got a knife!"
Queen: "Of course he's got a knife. We've all got knives. It's 1183 and we're barbarians."

Between horses and bouldering, I ache. I'd like to say it's the pleasant ache of knowing you've done something, but really, it's more like the ache-that-tells-you-you've-overdone-something. *sigh*. But I -will- snowblade. So there. That is, I will if the damn weather cooperates. *shakes fist at sky threateningly*

This week's challenge: entertaining a nine year old boy. Thanks to people for suggestions so far. We'll be visiting the library and skating tomorrow, hoping to catch Spiderman 2, and if the weather works for us, of course there's the snow. Any other ideas?

And ladies, we now have good reason for that glass or three of red wine. It's good for us. No, really.
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