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One more thing a woman should have..

A horse!! Yay! Horse riding was fun, although I could've happily gone for another hour or two (damn rain). The horses were fit, and unlike most of those kind of places, they weren't just plodding donkeys - they responded to commands like 'Go fast'. It was also good to see that the place is ILPH accredited. That means they look after their horses. And, they don't just assume you can't ride and make you walk everywhere. This lil munchkin was in heaven.

Definitely will be going again. And Kim, they take you out with two guides so you get to choose whether you want to go fast or slow, and give you a horse to suit your riding ability.

So, as about as far a cry as you can get from me in a corset, here is me in a swanndri, stockman vest and beanie. And this is Casper. He's a very groovy horse.

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