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Preparing for the onslaught

Last night most of the festoonings came down from around the house and were packed away into plastic bins to keep them safe for next use. Only 6m to go! If you ever have the desire to make any space up to about 15m x 15m look like a Jazzercise class exploded in it, give me a yell, I can help.

I also took my old computer to bits in preparation for NEW INSIDES! The only thing left in there is the DVD drive, and it's all been vacuumed and polished within an inch of its life. When I say Shiny New Computer, the emphasis is on the shiny. Seriously, I am feeling rather chuffed with myself, and have a question - what does one do to get rid of old computer bits? The hard drives are not really worth salvaging, but the motherboard is still working well, it's just been superseded. Is it worth trying to give to someone in need or should I just trash it?

Walking to work this morning I passed a bus with the windows all covered up, hitched to a trailer almost as big as the bus. The whole kit and caboodle had JAGERMEISTER written all over it, and down in one corner: "Please drink Jagermeister responsibly." I wondered what that was about, then realised that it's Sevens weekend.

Normally I manage to avoid the Sevens because I'm away at Kiwiburn. But Kiwiburn was early this year and so I find myself witness to the self-professed party of the year for the first time since 2006. For those not in New Zealand, the Sevens is a seven-a-side rugby tournament that has grown into a Thing, in which the games are pretty much secondary to the party. People dress up, go to the stadium, get drunk, party, run around town like maniacs and it's generally crowd mayhem. In costume. Where costume is mostly silly wigs, men in nurse's uniforms, groups of people dressed as bees, etc etc blah blah.

Don't get me wrong, I think the Sevens is great because it provides an opportunity for large numbers of people to step outside the normal rules of dress and conduct. But.. I can't help but feel a bit patronising about it. Having just got home from a burn, my eye for the carnival aspect of the Sevens is a bit jaundiced. To me, the idea of dressing in a uniform that is someone else's idea of how I should dress up, then queueing with thousands of other people to get into an enclosed space where I'll be packed elbow-to-elbow with others, confined to one area, directed like sheep, expected to pay $7 for a punnet of lukewarm chips from frazzled vendors after queueing for an hour, in a forced party atmosphere full of drunk people, just leaves me cold.

It kind of feels like a situation where people get to think they are cutting loose, but it's actually pretty orchestrated and all the usual rules still apply, but with costume.

And I know that I'm probably wrong about that. The people who attend probably get a huge kick out of it, and the feeling of freedom is always relative and very real to the people who experience it. It's obvious that those who go, enjoy it, support it, love it, and get something from it. I also know that I'm not superior just because the opportunities my life has provided give me a perspective that makes the Sevens carnival look like mainstream fakery, the carnival of fools.

But I still feel it. I want nothing to do with it, I'm a little afraid of the drunkenness, I do feel patronising about the costumes (there are exceptions but for the most part my thought is 'no imagination'), and I'll be doing everything I can to avoid it.

For those who go, party hard, have a great time, do your thing and be happy, mmk? And can someone please at least try to find out who won?

(I used to enjoy seven-a-side before it turned into the Sevens)

Stop explaining and be happier!

Meanwhile, I just had a chat with the new manager. I think he and I are going to get along just fine. ;-) And I'm hoping that by the time I finish work, the aforementioned costumed crowds will be making their way to the stadium and Fidels will be relatively quiet. Hope to see you there.
Tags: argh male nurses!, geekery
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