tatjna (tatjna) wrote,


Seems AirNZ is pulling the cougar ad 4 days earlier than originally planned. However, they are saying it's because the competition is oversubscribed and making no apology, saying it was all just a bit of fun.

I know lots of people have commented here and other places saying what they think. I'm asking you now to tell the people who need to hear this. If you found this promotion offensive and if you think it makes a joke of sexual assault and/or perpetuates harmful stereotypes, tell them.

Telling me is fine, but I'm only one voice and these people need to know how many voices there are.


[EDIT] I note that ZM are keeping their 'Rare Meat' campaign very very quiet. It's there on their website but you have to look for it. Yes, they are looking for young male volunteers to glorify sexual harrassment sit in the so-called cougar pride zone at the Sevens.
Tags: up yours air nz
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