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OHAI* office

Ohai work desk-that-hasn't-been-cleaned. Hi there also to the poor peace lily on my filing cabinet. It's had a drink now and isn't so droopy, but I'm pretty sure the leaves aren't supposed to be that yellow. I have tasked myself with making it look healthier before UPM gets back, to avoid tears.

RT No1: The Kid seems to be about to crack 6 foot. When he arrived late January last year he was just taller than me (5'7"). He's grown five inches in the last year. Polly checked the other night and yes his legs are hollow. Yikes!

RT No2: I am getting quite the collection of pictures of ferrouswheel and me at parties. One day I'll make a montage. It'll be shinier than Happy's house one with less wood. Meanwhile, here's us on NYE:

RT No3: Seems the mixes I posted yesterday have been downloaded 14 times each. I'd really appreciate some feedback - and I don't mean "VALIDATE MEEEEEE!!!" - I actually mean stuff like "I reckon 4 mins/track would work better than 6 mins" or "This is good for working to but I'm not sure how it'd work dancing" or "That bit where the bass goes from hollow to sharp and it's a bit jarring, here's how you fix that." You know - ways to improve. If you liked it, please say so. If it's boring, please also say so. If my technical skills could stand some looking at, I need to know. Hearing nothing makes me think you all hate it but are too polite to say so, which is kind of disheartening. I can handle hearing about the problems so I can work on fixing them - but at this point I don't have enough confidence in my own judgement for my self-criticism to really count.

RT No4: Related to No3. Chatting with rikan_feral yesterday made me realise how little I know, and also caused the concept of research (as opposed to just sitting down and doing it) to dawn on me. So last night I read some stuff, most of which was useful, some of which I knew already but didn't know the words for (OHAI phrasing!), and some of which was telling me that if I'm going to play off a laptop, I should really carry a spare in case of failure. WTF? Who carries a spare laptop? I mean yeah, it'd be sensible to have backup, but, um.. surely a mix CD that you can bung on while rebooting would be more practical?

RT No5: The List was reduced to ashes over the holiday. Apart from pfaffy client who didn't call over the weekend about finishing his sheep, everything I had to do got done, with several days to spare. I cleared The List so I could dedicate time to helping build a house - so of course it rained on 2 of the 3 days I had spare. Yesterday made up for it though, I got to spend time playing with hammers with tieke on a (now completed) deck in the sun, and lots of people showed up and it felt like we made some real progress. And there was ice cream!

RT No 6: Kiwiburn is less than a month away. *meep*

RT No 7: I have forgotten what it is I do for a job. Please suggest things if you can remember.

RT No 8: Christmas book swap title - The Algebraist by Iain M Banks from YC. I kind of knew it'd be something like that (YC!) and I'm looking forward to reading it - so far I haven't had the chance, what with music-obsession/socrates/another list I'm working on.

That was a short holiday but it feels as if I crammed a lot into it. I'm not exactly rested but I am replete. Now to turn focus on making the Illuminati invisibly awesome!

* There's a place called Ohai in Southland. You used to be able to buy a house there for $100.
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