tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

How to make it rain by Tats

Arrange to shear sheep. Organise a time. Wait.

It's really that simple. I've done it three times this week. ;-)

I have also sewn my finger for the first time ever. My finger is so hardcore it broke the needle. So now the cloaks really are made with blood, sweat and cussing.

Meanwhile, Platto The Bondage Sheep has successfully completed his first mission as the apprentice Keeper Of Reality, pombagira has played with her fire fans and OMGPRETTY!, and Socrates now has both Virtual DJ and the drivers for the mixer loaded. And I have discovered the importance of screen resolution for skins, in that most of the VDJ ones don't fit 1024x600, which means I can't actually see which tracks I have queued. Or hear the queued track through the right can - which means that mixing = complete guesswork at the moment. I'm sure you can imagine how that sounds..

Also, my new music from South Africa arrived today SQUEESQUEESQUEE, a continuation of the 'Zen' series of compilations.

So, if it's raining tomorrow I'll make cloaks and mix. If it's not raining I'll probably shear sheep and volunteer my services painting weatherboards or digging holes or something. And work on more Impossible Yoga, because Impossible Yoga is fun.

So where's the best dancing to be had tomorrow night? I like the gathering I'm going to, but also have a hankering to dance my ass off. Sorry fuvenusrs, I know yours is the best bar in town but you know that electronica's where it's at for me.
Tags: dancing!, mixing by guesswork!, sewing my finger!
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