tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Introducing DJ Extremely Minimal

This morning I loaded the drivers for the mixer onto mah new teenytinycutebutdeadly machine, and it all ran perfectly - unlike my desktop which has started to have hissyfits every time I say 'mixer', and generally freezes in fear if I say 'mixer' and 'DJ software' in the same sentence.

It's likely that it'll run VDJ as well. What this means is that I could quite possibly end up being the world's most minimal DJ, taking up about one square foot of boothspace. I'm quite looking forward to rocking up to the Illuminati Temple with this rig. Because it's funny.

So the new machine is called Socrates. Pronounced soh-crayts. This started with Dess-car-tees the trouser snake, and was followed up by Plato (plateau) the Bondage Sheep. Vis:

He didn't start off being a bondage sheep, it just sort of happened. Kind of like this just sort of happened:

Meanwhile, The Kid gave me a computer game for Christmas. It's an RPG only instead of being based around killing monsters it's based around three day eventing. It's surprisingly fun, even if it is aimed at people in a younger age group than me. And it's a challenge of the cut-throat variety, in that if you don't do well in your practice sessions it's game over. So far I haven't made it past week 4.

Also, in week 2 you get given a foal, which by some quirk of the graphics, loses its eyeballs every time it tosses its head. They sort of follow it around like they're on stalks before catching up when the foal stops. It's.. disturbing. When I get a decent screenshot of this I'll show you.

And today, two more cloaks bit the dust. Tats, official cloakmaker to the Illuminati.

Tags: horsies!, socrates ftw, teenytinycutebutdeadly

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