tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

I'll work up to frobnicating

Seems I've set up some weird association in my head between sewing and mixing. I sat down last night, determined to get a handle on this mixer thingy and how to use it, and also to carry on sorting my EDM collection into Would Play For Others and Meh. And 2 tracks in, the desire to start sewing overcame me. Cue a couple of hours spent zipping backwards and forwards between mixer and sewing machine, and further progress on the Pile O Cloaks - with only a couple of Sack The DJ moments!

And Will, you would have been proud of me - I twiddled! (experimentally!) I'm told removing the bass from one track can assist with the blending, so I had a go with that. The result - yes it works, but needs more practice. Also, I probably shouldn't let my fingers wave around too much when fiddling with the crossfader, eh? Oops.

I also haven't figured out (yet) how to adjust the volume in my headphones so that it compensates for the deafness in my left ear - at the moment the new track (right ear) is drowning out the playing track (left ear) so I have to use the monitor (hehe - this being a fancy word for the speaker right by my desk) to judge it from. Hmm.

So far so good. Apart from the learning curve paranoia about leakage (there hasn't been any but I feel as if I don't know what I'm doing so there could be), and some fun* with this 'breaking the seal to take it out' business, I'm pretty happy with it. I had to do some customising by cutting the stem a bit shorter, but apparently this is normal - they make it really long and then you adjust it to suit your body. As far as comfort goes, it's about the same. There's a weird feeling in my lower abdomen but I think that's mostly to do with adjusting to a new shape, and when I'm not thinking about it, it isn't there.

Meanwhile, today at work we're having some games, which include hooping apparently. At least, I was asked to bring some hoops in. I'm told you can do sports with a cup, but *loop back to learner-paranoia* - so I'll be taking that one pretty carefully.


* Not doing this properly = feeling as if you're trying to pull your own insides out.

Today we're finishing at 2pm. Given that my holiday is less than 2 weeks, I'm probably overexcited about this - but it's the first holiday for a while that I get to spend at home instead of running around having adventures. And that in itself is quite exciting.

Also, Sensifeel = totally not electro. WTF AmieStreet?

(luckily it mostly falls into that Psy-House, Morning-Psy category I like so much)

Now, how to entertain myself for the next 3 hours? I've already tidied my desk..
Tags: dj trainwreck, girly tmi, omg holiday
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