tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

There's a thing on LJ

It's a Christmas promotion thingy.

What they're doing is giving all paid users 10 coupons that they can send to other folks who don't have a paid account, which gives them a discount of $10 on a year's subscription. So with one of these coupons you can get a year's LJ sub for $9.95 US(ap) or $15US(manual).

To which we go " ... " Gee thanks, LJ.

Not the cleverest or most heartfelt gift I've ever had from a business. However, I have these 10 coupons and if anyone was thinking of getting a paid account and wants a discount, make a comment and I'll send you one till they're gone.
Tags: i may be a bit cynical, joy to the world, xmas the time for giving
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