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The year in nicely packaged soundbites

I don't understand. In fact, it wasn't something I'd ever even thought about before. But Filament's 'Men With Vegetables'* section is doing things to my brain. First it was the guy with the celeriac, and this month there's a chap with brussels sprouts held between his fingers. He's not even a guy I'd normally find attractive, and yet.. I find myself fascinated by these pictures - the photographer has done their job really well in displaying the *cough* vegetables *cough* in a stimulating way..

Suggestive-guy-with-vegetable fetish developing? Well gosh.

So it's that time of year when all the people are doing their 'Best of' releases. I'm going to link you to two that moved me.

First, there's The Year In Pictures from The Big Picture. I haven't looked at all of them yet but some of the photos are utterly amazing. When I first saw this yesterday, only part 1 had been released and the most popular was 39, a picture of a small child reaching for her dead father (a US soldier) as he lays in his coffin.

And for contrast: second, there's The Most Viewed Videos of The Year from YouTube.

If you don't look at any of the other videos, please watch the first one. It's incredible. I shed a tear, and that sort of thing doesn't usually move me.

And then of course there's the dreaded "Wot Tats Did This Year" release. First line per month as follows:

January If that's the case then 2009 is going to be a pretty amazing year for me.
February There's loads of stuff in the media about NZ's binge drinking culture and what to do to change people's perceptions.
March My lawn is covered in mushrooms!
April This is the bit where I sit in the corner and face the wall for a while, as I take ownership of my amazing moronity.
May kimeros just made my day!
June The cure? Hackers.
July Yesterday I posted about Menz.org.nz.
August Since I made the decision to go to AfrikaBurns, I've been without inspiration for costume ideas.
September Last night I finished my essay.
October For Happy, in the spirit of sharing that he started - QUANGO!
November David Nutt has been sacked.
December Why do people wash cats?

True to form, it seems my year's LJ-ing has been the usual randomness. 2009 has been a pretty amazing year. At least, I was amazed. Highlights:

ferrouswheel. I'm not sure I can express how amazing I think he is. Partner in crime, playmate, intellectually challenging, makes me laugh till I snort, super-perv-worthy, totally up for dropping everything and going to Africa with me, Knows Regular Expressions!, courageous, affectionate, makes the best pizza ever, on the same wavelength. You rock my world.

Academia. I'm good at it. Who knew? 5 papers and 3 disciplines** later, I'm starting to get a handle on how it fits together. I also think my PhD may take me out of the country. Not because I don't love Unzud, but because other countries are closer to the goal than we are and therefore will have more material for my research. Also, saving those Top of the Class letters up to throw at potential scholarship boards.

And yeah, I know I gripe about course-related minutiae, but overall I think I like this study/learning/mind expansion business.

South Africa. Amazing, beautiful country, with a vibe that really pulls you into itself. I'd like to take a year and go back, spend more time with the people I met there, lose myself.

The Kid. Continues to amaze me and frustrate me and tug my heartstings and try my patience. He's probably not unusual in that sense, but for the first time since he was little I've had a chance to actually know him and despite the frustrations and the mother-concerns and the challenges, I actually think he's a really cool person. The better I get to know him the more I like him. And he's turning into an adult before my eyes! *meep*

Firsts. So many firsts. I can't even list most of them.. but those of you who've been involved in my firsts know what they are and I hope you smile to yourselves the way I do when I think of them.

Anyway, I'll stop now. The year isn't even over yet. There's room for more in there.

Oh, also - people. You lot. My tribe. I could write a lot about you but it would get soppy really fast and you know why, anyway. In short, please keep being you, mmk?


On another note, seems like just about everyone thinks teachers should be paid more. I wonder why they aren't?

* actually the recipe section but anyone who knows me knows exactly how interested I am in cooking.

** which all claim they are multidisciplinary
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