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This post needs a title

So I got a response from Toyota Australia about the letter I sent. It was an apology and undertaking to review their decision-making processes. The writer of the ad, on the other hand, has responded publically by saying "Suck my dick."

Because that's a great way to drum up business and make professional corporations want to use your services.

One glass of red wine. I can tolerate red wine, taste wise, and I had a reason to drink that I won't go into here. I had one glass over a period of about 45 minutes, and about 2/3 down the glass I caught myself doing things that I felt were 'over the top'. Chances are nobody else even noticed, but I felt just that little bit out of control, as if my mouth were starting to run away with me. I slowed down and the feeling subsided.

It achieved what I wanted it to achieve, this drink, which was to get me over my natural shyness in the company of strangers. The effects were not long-lived so once I'd broken the shyness barrier I was able to carry on the interaction in my own headspace and it was good.

And for the last couple of days I've been Ms CrankyPants.

These things may be related, they may not. But it's interesting.

This is something I saw on the way to work this morning:

It's a Puriri moth. They can have a wingspan up to 15cm, although this one would probably only be about 10. The caterpillars live in tree trunks for about 7 years, then they hatch into moths and cruise around for a few days, frantically breeding, before they die. This one was pretty sluggish, I don't know if it was because it's daytime or because it's a few days old - but it's the first one I've seen in the flesh and I was pretty excited about it.

Meanwhile, only 4 working days till holiday! And tomorrow, pombagira gets her tattoo, which I'm excited about.

And my copy of Filament finally arrived. Dear NZPost, thank you for not failing completely. However, it'd be nice if living in deepest suburbia didn't disadvantage me by a week with things that are all posted at the same time. Please fix it. Cheers, Tats.
Tags: bugs o doom, oh the maturity, omg alcohol
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