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IR cogitating. Sooner or later I will pontificate. Till then, have this:


I just saw the ad your company created for Toyota Yaris and I am utterly gobsmacked that anyone would think this would make young women want to buy cars. The portrayal of men as sex-crazed slavering morons (never mind the incest references) and women as sex objects is disrespectful to both genders.

Your company director Frazer Bailey is quoted with the following:

"‘I thought it was funny — a bit of a boy’s joke. And then my mum read it and she laughed out loud, and I thought maybe this is sort of universal humor.’’

I assure you, this so-called 'humour' is in no way universal. It may surprise Mr Bailey to learn that many women are extremely offended by being the butt of 'innocent' jokes that make us look like we're vapid, unaware objects that exist for men to stick their penis into. This kind of treatment happens often enough to women that some of us get very angry when a supposedly respectable company uses this ploy. To think that it will increase sales of a car to women is just ridiculous.

Way to alienate 50% of the population!

I would say regards, but I have little regard for anyone who thinks that kind of portrayal of women has been, is, or ever will be funny.


This is in response to an ad for a car that has since been removed from the Toyota website. For those interested, the ad can be viewed here. I can't believe this actually won a 'Clever Film' competition.

Whut, Australia? You are not doing very well on the internet this week, what with the racism and the sexism. No love.

Please can some Australians restore my faith that there are actually people there who are not insensitive assholes? Cheers.
Tags: in the image of god, stabby stabby, worship the cock
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