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Hedonism and the joys of shearing

When did hedonism get usurped and turned into something viewed as bad? I was reading something (can't remember what) this morning and it was all "Blah blah blah judgey judgey, PURELY FOR THEIR OWN HEDONISTIC PLEASURE!" Like doing something purely for pleasure is a bad thing.

I don't understand. Does there have to be higher purpose, good work and planet-savingness in everything I do for it to be considered good?

Whenever I do something that's purely for pleasure, I'm experiencing true freedom to live my life the way I see fit. This is not only representative of the type of freedom that most members of society would value and therefore evidence that the world is not as crappy a place as 'They' would have us believe, but it also makes me happy through the simple act of increasing my pleasure. Happy Tats has more energy for work, play, and saving the planet. Happy Tats also has more compassion and a desire to spread the happy through positive interaction with others. Happy Tats is quicker to come up with solutions to problems, offer to help others, and strive to increase the general joy.

So anyone who tells me that doing things purely for my own pleasure is bad, can fuck the fuck off and go wallow in their own virtuous misery OVER THERE!

*points to dark damp corner*

So did I experience hedonistic pleasure this weekend? Hell yeah I did. Did you? Did you do your bit for world happiness and productivity by experiencing pleasure for its own sake?

Oddly enough, my hedonism was not related to sheep shearing. I may be a little bit masochistic, and I do enjoy inspecting my 'badges' (bruises, scrapes, achey muscles) that come from shearing. And I admit that's partly because shearing is pretty hardcore (even I think so) and I have a certain pride and satisfaction in being able to do it. And I enjoy the endorphin buzz. However, I don't get hedonistic pleasure from shearing. That's another kind of pleasure - the OMG MONEY pleasure, and the OMG ACHIEVEMENT one, and a little bit of OMG ANIMAL WELFARE and the gratitude of others. Not hedonism, but still pleasure, yeah?

I don't think the sheep get much pleasure out of it either, given that they don't have the cognitive function to associate the fear, pain, manhandling and general unpleasantness of being shorn with the nice feeling of being without a full fleece. But you can tell they're happier by the way they skip around afterwards. That is, they skip around if they aren't so fat they can't clear the ground (this group of fatties includes most of yesterday's sheep - it's been a good spring up in Horokiwi and nobody was expecting it).

Also, wrinkly sheep WTF? Like, seriously wrinkly, from behind the ears to the top of the tail:

I couldn't find a picture of an actual wrinkled sheep that resembled it. There was this one:

But it isn't anywhere near as wrinkly as the sheep I shore. I have never come across this breed before, and that in itself is unusual - I'm very good at picking sheep breeds and mixes. And I wasn't expecting it either - usually you only expect wrinkles on merinos and merino derivatives, which all have a certain look and wool type that is a dead giveaway. These had neither. Consequently I cut them a bit before I realised what was going on. I mean, they even had wrinkles on their bellies and bums. After realising I could stretch the skin half a mile and still have wrinkles to deal with, I gave up and just rode the comb over the top of it all in an effort to avoid hurting them. They came out looking.. weird. The guy who owns them has no idea what they are, he inherited them with the property when he bought it (common with lifestyle sheep). So if anyone here has happened to come across wrinkly sheep that are not merinos, and knows what they might be, I'd love to hear about it.

I have to know!

Meanwhile, I'm having quite a time finding wrapping paper that isn't all Christmassy. I like spending time wrapping gifts and making them look nice, and I find the Christmas gift wrap is generally too garish to be able to colour-match the way I like to. I'm looking for just plain paper. And as usual, if I'd thought of this in June there'd be loads around..

Also - I have 6 1/2 working days till holiday time. Meanwhile, the Illuminati cloak making endeavour has extended - I now have 8 more to make. Anyone who's interested in a stitch-n-bitch session and has either sewing or pressing skills, is invited to come and roll around in a sea of purple. And as reward, we may not infiltrate you quite so obviously. Maybe.

Tags: hedonism it's not just for pleasure, oh wait, shearing, sheep
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