tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

I hope my brain never gets old

Overheard this morning from an early-elderly man to his wife:

"Y'see that's today's thinking - a lot of rubbish."

I resisted the urge to approach him and tell him my Dad used to say that too, he'd be about 20ish years older than this guy and so probably thought that his thinking was a lot of rubbish back in the 1980s when Dad was in his 60s.

See, I have self-control sometimes! Also, may I please never get to the point where I dismiss 'new' thinking uncritically. I don't like it when people reinforce stereotypes.

Today I'm in a workshop with a bunch of other qualifications geeks. Ph3ar us!

And, half of my user icons have been failing to show (little x's ftl) for the last couple of days. Including my 'distraction' one, damnit! Anyone else having this problem?
Tags: geekery, icon fail, more curmudgeonly than thou
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