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On substantial reading material and my desire for it

Watching ewes and their young lambs after shearing is funny:

Lamb: You smell like my Mum but you don't look like my Mum. You're not my Mum! Wah! *runs away*
Ewe: I AM your Mum! *followfollow*
Ewe: *sigh*
Lamb: OK hungry now. You'll do. *buntbuntbunt*
Ewe: *drums imaginary fingers and rolls eyes*

And they say sheep aren't like people..

And it started about an hour after I finished last night's unruly mob. Which means no denuding tonight - at least, not of sheep. Suggestions of other things to denude welcome.

Meanwhile, I'm in week 2 of nothing to do at work. My job is a bit like this - it goes in waves of OMGSOBUSY to *echoing sound of empty intray*. I've just come off a wave that's gone from July till now, and in a week or so it'll pick up again, but right now there's literally nothing on. Consequently, I'm obsessively refreshing LJ.

Seems lots of people are noticing the downturn in LJ usage lately. I pointed it out a while back with a suggestion that Facebook and Twitter are partly responsible. I also think that things on the internet have a lifespan and a heyday, and perhaps LJ is reaching the natural end to its cycle of popularity. And of course there's that bit where Six Apart 'sold out' on its users, and made some pretty well-publicised mistakes.

But anyway, facing facts, LJ may not be dying but its sure as hell reached torpid middle age, sits on the couch all day eating chocolates and watching reruns of Sally Jessy*. In my opinion it should get off its fat ass and go shear some sheep - the endorphin rush will kickstart being active. Use it or lose it, LJ!

(ok I'll stop now)

But really, LJ is a user-generated site, and in that respect it's a bit like a burn. What you want to see on LJ, you have to bring to LJ, and without a critical mass of people bringing what they want to see, there's.. not a lot at all really. I still post pretty much daily. Part of that is because I'm naturally garrulous, partly it's because I am a creature of habit and this is a six-year one - I actually feel a bit restless if I haven't posted, like I've forgotten something. Partly I do it because other folks have told me they look forward to my posts**. And partly I do it because I'm walking the fucking talk. If I don't want LJ to die (and I don't, I have six years of some pretty intimate exploration invested in this site), then it's up to me to make sure I hold my end up. So I'm doing that.

Sadly (for me), not everyone feels that way, and a lot of people have stopped posting or slowed down considerably.

Twitter is easy and has an appeal in the pithy snappiness. Although, I can't count how many times I've seen conversations happen there (rikan_feral, I'm looking at you) that would really be better served in a format that allows >140 chars and has threading. I find it hard to think of anything to say on Twitter and my contribution there is usually responding to things other people have said. And the most interesting person I follow (apart from folks with links) is someone who is taking the piss out of Twitter by tweeting about the things everyone says people tweet about. Example from yesterday: "I'm wearing grey socks this evening. Bowel movements operating within normal parameters. Updates to follow." (yes i know i'm probably really immature to find this amusing but i do, especially juxtaposed with the VRY SRS BSNS that makes up most of the rest of my follow list).

Facebook is very useful for letting large numbers of people know about events, and also for staying in touch with friends from other places (Afrikaburns people for example), or for gathering groups to protest Random Annoying Thing Of The Day, but I find it completely inane and I dislike those stupid quiz things with a vengeance. I barely use it and it frustrates me that so many people have dropped more substantial journalling and commenting in favour of clicking the 'like' button and posting quizzes. Way to lower your own IQ people!

To those of you who do still post here regularly, thank you. I appreciate it. I've also joined a lot of communities lately in an attempt to get substantial reading matter and have the discussions that used to happen in people's personal LJs but don't any more. But really, no matter how many people are nodding and agreeing that yes, LJ has gone quiet and yes, someone should do something about it and yes, it would be awesome if our friends pages sparked back into life, the chances of that actually happening are slim. It makes me sad, but I think I have to accept that the folks I used to read who are gone, are probably not coming back.

After that lengthy preamble and explanation, I would now like to ask for recommendations for new people. Usually I don't start reading people unless I've met them first, either online or in person. But folks, I'm desperate, and I'm willing to *gasp* make the first move by friending people I don't know, for the sake of good, interesting reading and the potential to spark up my friends page.

So, who would you recommend for Tats to read? Who's funny, interesting, posts about things that make you think, obnoxious? Who should I go friend?


* This is me proving that I can labour an analogy nearly as well as ferrouswheel. I'm going for my black belt next week. How'm I doing?
** I think this is so they can make sure their watch is still in time.
Tags: facebook has teh stoopid, me vs joel at analogystretching, the shakespearian death of lj
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