tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

All games have a bastard sword!

So after two sessions with Baldur's Gate, I have concluded that:

1) There are a Scot and and Irishman who stay in full time employment playing the voices of bartenders in computer games.
2) Some game making companies save money by using the same "Right you are" and "A simple task!" responses for character-clicks in a variety of games. I think they also trade between companies. I'm pretty sure that my main in this game (the imaginatively named Dude) says the same things as the sapper in Commandos.
3) It would have helped if I'd played D&D at any point in the past.

It's taking a while to get the hang of controlling a whole party. The game book says you can pause while you issue your orders, but it seems to unpause the moment I try to tell them to do anything. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, but it's making it challenging - which I like. There was a save-game celebration when I got my whole party through the first wilderness area intact.

The first few tries went something like this:

"Holy crap, lions!"
*hit the attack button*
"Holy crap, hang on, I meant everyone, not just the mage!"
Mage: *dies*
Lions: *attack munchkin that has only a wee dagger*
Munchkin: *dies*
*frantic attempt to party everyone up again*
Everyone: *dies*

Also, Jaheira is a whiny bitch. So anyway, it's currently going something like this, which is all good by me. My ineptness amuses me no end. Although, having just googled Jaheira to check the spelling, I see there's a lot of story type stuff that I'm probably missing in my quest to learn how to drive this thing - which I'll go back and have a look at once my party stops mutinying while I dither around going "Backpack? No, spellbook? No wait.. Why can't my druid use this huge fuckoff spear anyway? And what the hell does that squiggly button do? Oh look, everyone's dead again."

Meanwhile, I have acquired, through what seems like a legitimate source, a copy of Planescape: Torment. It seems to run ok, but one thing at a time means that The Nameless One can cool his dead heels in the mausoleum with his pet floating skull for a bit longer while I brandish my sword menacingly and ineffectively at kobolds (who look much less like ALF than the ones in WoW do).


In other news, look Mum, I made it rain! I was supposed to be shearing some sheep up at Horokiwi tonight. Rain gives a pleasant reprieve, that is tempered by the knowledge that this means they will still be there waiting to be done when the weather warms up. Since Sunday two new clients have called me - the sheep are currently lining up faster than I can shear them, and rain holding things up means that my finish date will be later. I like to get them all done before Christmas if I can.

PS I seem to have misplaced my cellphone (which is helping with the not taking on new clients thing, but is ultimately a pita since I can't contact the existing ones). I have a couple more places to look before I get the number cut off and go buy a new one that will not be an iPhone.
Tags: kobolds with bows wtf?, little damp sponges with legs, my ineptitude knows no bounds, not shearing, shearing
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