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Dragons please! Big red ones!

So I walked to work this morning with a copy of Baldur's Gate tucked under my arm. Yes I am that cool - I had heard of it but never played it. While I consider myself to be a gamer, I tend to find a game and play it to death* (ie explore all possibilities, story threads and characters) rather than dabble in a variety. Thus, my knowledge of the huge list of available games is somewhat limited.

Two words - Dragon Age. Folks who shall remain nameless have been going "OOH PRETTY!" And I looked and saw and lusted. However, I can't justify the expense of a brand new game or the 20G hard drive space - and I doubt my machine (read: video card) has sufficient juice to actually run it. It runs WoW ok but DA is orders of magnitude prettier - and I'm not keen to get into one of those expense cycles where your upgrade is driven by a game (oh yeah, been there before), which opens up a world of new games, amongst which you find one that requires another upgrade..

So instead, ferrouswheel let me loose on his Shelf o' Games, which is not inconsiderable in size. I am spoilt for choice! I like fantasy role-play type games, especially ones that include a bit of strategy and have plenty of options for customising your character. I'm keen on having adventures, killing monsters and playing storylines. I'm not keen on first-person shooters. I was thoroughly absorbed by Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines for about 6 months, and I never did get to the end of it. Come to think of it I still have that. I wonder.. hmm..

I've realised that I'm not keen on the MMORPG format, even though I played WoW for two years (this was before the first expansion). I really enjoyed partying with other people, levelling, running instances - but once Cerr the Mage reached 60 (at that time the top level), there was little in the endgame to interest me. Raiding was about it (not into PVP so much), and in order to go on raids without always being part of a PUG, I had to be a regular raider, and the fact that I have a life meant that turning up for all the raids I was expected to turn up for became a commitment that was somewhat like a job that I was paying to go to. Not my scene, and that's why I quit. That and the fact that WoW, like the rest of the internet, seems to have a higher-than-real-life percentage of assholes who think they know everything.

So yeah, I was looking for a computer-efficient, single player, offline, adventure fantasy where I could kill monsters and be a persuasive peacemaking sorcerer with a Giant Sickle Of Plaguey Death if I wanted. And apparently Baldur's Gate fits the bill.

I am aware that everyone else in the world has already played it, in fact there are probably 12 year olds that could tell me all the tricks and fixes. I'm told it's good. What do you say, world? Good choice? Should I send email to my future self now telling me to stop playing that bloody game and eat something? Can I have a pet dragon? Will Alistair declare his undying love to Drake before the witch's daughter does? Will three good grunts really do the job?

(ok I'll stop now)

* Warblade, Heroes 3, WoW, Morrowind, Commandos.

In other news, shearing Polwarths yesterday reminded me that it's been nearly a year. The day I did these sheep last year was the day before my first date with Dr Wheel, and the clients asked me about it yesterday. I blushed. Seriously.

Also, today is the anniversary of my very first LJ post. Apparently I was in one of my 'trying to be like everyone else' phases then, as evidenced by the reference to beer. 6 years and counting..

I am sore.

[EDIT] While I'm at it - gamers! What's your Top 5 and why? Looking for recommendations here..
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