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That time of year yet again (5 years now and counting I've been doing this)

I ground my shearing gear. It involves large (14 inch) plates with emery paper stuck to them, spinning at high speed. You then apply the flat side of the combs or cutters to the emery using a device called a pendulum, the sparks fly and it gets ground nice and sharp. Tomorrow is the first shearing day of the season. I am not fit for it. There's nothing you can do to get fit for shearing, except shearing. *gulp* But it's only 18 so a nice easing into it gently.

Grinding my gear always makes me feel strong and capable and stuff. It's heavy machinery (45kg) and there are sparks. Most people think I'm using a bench grinder and it is, but I guess you could call this a bench grinder on steroids. Vis (9 sec video):

Hence the feeling of wanting to beat my chest afterwards.

In other news, it's the question meme! If you like, leave a comment with a bad pun in it and I'll ask you five questions about yourself. You're supposed to answer them in your LJ (which would be cool because my flist could do with more activity), but if you wanted you could post answers here too.

From fuvenusrs
1) You have a gammy hip? How did that happen?

No particular single incident that I know of - I just don't think hips are made to work the way I've used them. I had a bad bicycle accident aged 15 that involved that hip hitting the tarseal at 50km/hr, I rode horses for several hours a day for 8 years right through my growing years, and I've spent a lot of time carrying 30kg+ buckets and 60kg+ sheep around. It feels as if the cartilege is wearing out. I fear hip replacement surgery because they only last 10 years and you can only get it three times before there's nothing left to bolt on to. So I'm leaving it as long as I can in the hope that technology progress will come up with a better plan. My gammy hip told me it'd rain yesterday just like your bionic backbone told you. In winter I hobble a bit sometimes. Reason to stay active #674.

2) If I'm not working on Thursday, did you want to have fush and chups with me?

Yes. Most definitely. In fact, I turned down a tempting invitation yesterday so I could. Nyah.

3) You've had an incredible life that fills me with admiration. What would you say is the highest point of it so far?

I don't have a single high point, more of a high group of points. Going to Africa, finding out I'm good at this academic stuff after feeling like a failure for so many years, watching The Kid becoming The Man, learning to mix.. so many things that could be considered high points. I think the last few years since about 2007 count as the high point, and here's why: when I look around me at the community of people that have become my tribe, I realise that I trust these people. I am surrounded by people of integrity, who honestly like me without an agenda, and with whom I feel safe. That is absolute gold, and I've never had that before - so yeah, high point? Right now.

4) I've seen you dressed in many splendidly bright colours, including your hair. But what's your favourite colour?

I thought about this for a while and couldn't come up with one. I like green because of the nature and the fresh grass with fat happy sheep munching connotations. I like the blue of the blue-water out past the Trench off Tutukaka. I like the wild variety of sunset colours. I like the combination of earth tones on a bontebok. I like the almost-black of a dark brown horse, and the electric blue on the side of a marlin. I could go on forever about such things. To wear, I like bright colours, I'm a big fan of acid green and lately I've been liking orange and purple together. The only colour I won't wear is red, because it clashes horribly with my hair - if I change hair colour, I'll wear red too.

Favourite colour? Rainbow. Fluoro. Unexpected combinations.

5) I see you carefully nurturing the Kid's reading, which fills me with glee. He's on to Pratchett, which is awesome, but where to from there? Do you have another author lined up for him to try?

Not really - I remember being pushed into particular types of book by well-meaning teachers at school, and hating it. Reading is such a personal thing, there's no way I can make him like the things I approve of. However, along the 'if you like that you might like this' lines, I'm currently reading The Jennifer Morgue by Charles Stross and I think he might enjoy it in a couple of years (right now anything with kissing is still 'ew'), and I have a couple of Neil Gaiman books that may have appeal - and my friends have bookshelves aplenty filled with extensions to Terry Pratchett/science fiction/fantasy/mythology. He seems to be enjoying fantasy more that scifi right now, so vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters and other beasties are where it's at, and the more magical powers the better. Recommendations from people with histories in these genres gratefully accepted.

As always, no obligation to repost.
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