tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

They did it again

Dollhouse has been canned. This is not really news.

But as I've been reading the wailings and teeth-gnashings of fans around the internet, the question WHY keeps popping up. Firefly died a similar death, despite having a strong cult following.

And I wonder if Joss Whedon's stuff has an appeal to a certain segment of the population that is small but keen, and if that small but keen segment of the population happen to be geeks, with broadband access to the internet and progressive views about copyright. The mainstream masses who'd watch show as broadcast on TV instead of downloading it, and thus make money for the networks, just weren't that interested.

Which to me, begs the question (and here is where I get out of my depth a bit because I'm not a downloader of series) - are networks making series available for download at a price as they come out? Because if they aren't, they should be - the financial support of that small but keen segmant of the population might be useful for keeping shows like Whedon's being made, but if the show's not available to the people who want it in a timely manner, they'll go find it somewhere else and the network will get nothing.

Just thoughts..
Tags: dollhouse, downloading, geeks, whedon
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