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I got my A for CRIM212 - and it's not even the 14th yet! I recommend the course to anyone interested in the topic. They were onto it from the word go in terms of keeping us informed, getting results back and generally giving our money's worth*. The lecturer, Liz Stanley, is engaging and informed.

My lounge is awash with purple. Tonight I will be needing the Master of Secrets, the Master of Physical Needs, the Master of Beats, the Master of Masterfulness and the Master of High Weirdness for hemming purposes. I'll also be ascertaining the height and width of the Master of Perception, the Master of Equations, the Master of Hospitality and the Master of Things Unnamed, in time for the next round of the Purple Invasion.


It's shearing time again. I've managed to get my clientele down to a manageable group of people who can get their sheep together and give me a day's worth (more or less) in one go, instead of me traipsing all over the countryside shearing 3 here and 6 there. And it seems I have some money hanging about from the last lot of wool I sold. Gosh.

So anyway, I'm off to grind my gear on Saturday, followed by three or four weekends of inflicting pain on myself and making a bit of extra cash for Christmas. Not sure how this will work given my commitments on three of those four weekends, but we'll give it a go. Could be that I'm not seen much around the place for the next few weeks.

And then there's the Sooper Sekret Project that for once isn't sewing....

I'll sleep when I'm dead.

* Yeah, I actually do care about how much it's costing me vs the value I'm getting from it. Possibly this is because I'm paying up front for each course. If I had a student loan, adding $2500 to it would seem like a drip in the ocean and I'd be less inclined to think about the cost of it - this way, I'm all "I paid $800 for this course, make it worth it!" Hehe, ph3ar my Yorkshire blood..

PS I'm kind of saddened by the Stupak amendment to the US healthcare plan. I understand that it's a compromise that's been made, probably in order to get the rest of the plan through, and that in the long run it's detrimental to some in order to benefit the majority. But it's also sending a message that the government values morality over health and that it believes women should only have choice around reproduction if they can afford it.
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