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House of cards

So three more drug advisors have quit the Advisory Council for the Misuse of Drugs (UK), in support of the sacked Professor David Nutt.

"In this situation members wish for clarity and assurances about how the ministers view the council's advice and will view the council's advice in the future."

Looks like Alan 'OMG Where Did That Egg Come From I Better Go Wipe My Face Now' Johnson wasn't able to give them those clarity and assurances. Funny that. It's not as if politicians ignoring the advice of scientific bodies in favour of political agendas is anything new (remember Mad Cow disease?) - but now it's been brought out into the open, and it's about bloody time.

This issue isn't just about drugs, it's about the integrity of governments - about politicians acting in ways that aren't in the interests of their constituents, contrary to the advice of experts, and ignoring facts. About doing it blatantly, and about using power to silence those with opposing viewpoints. These things tend to go against most people's concept of democracy, and even your average Joe who doesn't think about drug issues at all while sips his pint will likely be incensed by that kind of behaviour from a politician. And for that reason this is getting quite a bit of traction in the media, which for those of us who DO care about drug policy, is a good thing.

Yeah, I bet you never thought you'd hear me say that. Hm.. well it's that time of year again - the time of year when the Staff Christmas Do looms on the horizon. This year, my organisation is going to The Establishment. This is a pub and restaurant *yawn* that has a musical comedy duo for entertainment *perks up*.

I get free food *bonus*, but if I want to take a partner it's $25 *bleh*. I'm not sure I'd inflict Work Christmas Do on a partner anyway - it's... sitting in a room full of strangers who have no common bond of interest, who all know your partner and are slowly getting drunker? Not really the sort of thing I'd do to someone I like.

And then the 'confirm by tomorrow' email came round and it said "Hope to see you all there and ready to break out your smooth moves on the dance floor!"

Dance floor?

Normally this is the thing that sells it for me. But I had a bit of an internal cringe at the thought of my colleagues busting out their smooth moves, and this may well be the cementer of my non-attendance.

However, much as my instinct is going "AH!AH!AH!AH!NONONONMUMMY!", I feel I should at least try to be open minded about this. So in the interest of fairness, I have a couple of questions for my flist:

1. Anyone know what sort of music these smooth moves will be performed to? I couldn't find anything about The Establishment's musical entertainment facilities, and I fear a cover band of Classic Rock Hits (it's a pub, i have preconceptions, etc).

2. What's the etiquette with Work Christmas Dos? I went last year, would it be rude to not go this year if it turns out that there's nothing in it that appeals to me? Or is it one of those duties I really ought to just suck up?

3. Is the food any good?

Meanwhile, I'm being overcome by an urge to do outrageous and borderline socially-unacceptable things. Will you be my partner in crime or my conscience?
Tags: dr nutt, drugs, the dreaded christmas do, white people shuffle
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