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Home James..

There is an old Chinese saying.. "Visitors like fish, after three days start to stink."

I think this applies to when you're in someone else's house too. I am definitely ready to be back in my own place now. By this time tomorrow I will be. Yay! It's too damn hot up here. Finally stopped raining today, and no wind either, so it's kinda like being in a mild sauna. Waterfights abound...

As for Dragsville's cafe society, there was -one- that was kinda cool. Called Uno's, it featured the most eclectic international menu I've ever seen.. I had sushi, flounder, roast pork, BBQ lamb chops, pasta, stuffed olive rolls and about 4 different salads all on one plate. And the chef came out and described everything in detail which made me want to try everything. So I did. Brilliant! Unfortunately the locals don't know what they've got there and the place is going broke. Sad, really. And they had the radio on instead of real music.

Oh and it's official. You can't get a good coffee here. Anywhere.

So, back to Wellington tomorrow, where I'm going to buy a large coffee, drink it, then head to the top of the nearest hill, strip to minimum acceptable amount of clothing, and let the wind wash over me till I feel cool again. Can't wait!
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