tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Wot I did on my weekend

Leftover stuff from the geek mansion!
Kid from Pukerua Bay where he'd spent the night with friends after paintballing!
2 x albums by Carbon Based Lifeforms, 2 x albums by Deep Forest!

Fluoro green fans which now won't fall apart in the middle of a party!
The Kid's fire staff!
Mum's fish pond with anti-algae stuff!

Cleaned and tidied:
Under dog kennel (ew)!
Lawn edges, bark garden, dandelions that were invading the lawn!

Friday night's semi-impromptu firespinning at Breaker Bay Burn!
Festival functional cloak as blanket in Ranty Dave's loft!
Saturday afternoon chilling and company!
An evening with nobody in the house but me (I can neither confirm nor deny the naked dancing)!

Not so much:
First finally having had enough of the fireworks after four days and hiding in her kennel!
Being considered the arse-end of the world and not worth it!


Downloading winamp with the 50 free download tracks was very exciting for me, until I tried to get my 50 free tracks and discovered that it's 'not available in your country due to licensing restrictions'. What on earth does that mean? New Zealand doesn't have draconian copyright laws any more than most other western countries. Why is New Zealand excluded? Who else is excluded and why is there not a list included with the offer saying "hey, except you?" I feel misled, disappointed, and am tired of the US-centric nature of the internet, in which New Zealand seems to be some kind of forgotten thing off the edge of the map. GLOBALISATION people.

No love, etc"


Thank you for contacting eMusic Customer Service!

We are sorry to inform you that eMusic no longer offers service in your area. The label that owns the rights to the music you are looking for has decided not to make this music available in your region. Your region is determined by us based on the billing address of the credit card we have on record for you. If you are going to be away from your home location for a short period of time, you can still use your eMusic account but you will be subject to the availability in your home region. While we'd love to be able to offer this music to you, we are subject to what the label allows us to release to our customers as well as the region(s) where we can offer it.

We appreciate your interest in eMusic and apologize for any frustration this may cause."

"Thanks for your reply - I appreciate the time put into it, however it doesn't actually give me any further information to explain WHY New Zealand doesn't get to participate in this offer, it just passes the buck to 'the label that owns the rights to the music'. Now, given that I didn't even get a chance to search for any music with eMusic because my country was excluded before I reached that point, I can safely assume that all of the music available through your site comes from the same label. If you could kindly tell me the name of that label, I can stop emailing you and take it up with them.

Regards, etc

PS eMusic does not have my credit card information - the notice informing me of my exclusion based on country also told me that my country was discerned from my IP address. I find myself wondering if the reply I received was a form letter?"

And they wonder why people resort to piracy?

[EDIT] Made:

Palm candles.
Tags: countryism, lots of things!, weekend o stuff
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