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Is "I just couldn't drag myself away from the yummy toasty smell" a reasonable excuse for being late for work? Just asking...

So there was a post on a community I watch about things that squick people out. There were the usual things like pus, vomit, spiders and the like, none of which really do it for me. Blood, no problem. Guts, no problem. Lemon party, eel girl and Tubgirl, no problem. Death, no problem. But there are some things that just make me shudder.

This isn't one of them:

That's a Surinam toad releasing its babies. The eggs sit on the toad's back, pushed in there by the male when they are fertilised. The skin grows over the eggs, which then hatch and the babies go through their tadpole stage within the sac, then emerge through the holes. And that doesn't bother me at all.

These things only bother me if I see one in real life:

It's a tongue louse - they attach themselves to the tongues of fish, then suck out the blood till the tongue atrophies, after which they take the place of the tongue and suck the fish's blood at will. It's a sort of parasitic/symbiotic (not the right word I know) relationship and I think it's kind of cool. But tongue lice look like aliens and they live in the mouths of trevally and when I catch one that has one of these my skin just crawls.

But the thing that squicks me out the most is this:

And I have no idea why. I know it's photoshopped. It's a lotus seed pod photoshopped onto a nipple. I know it isn't real, and yet looking at it makes me shudder and thinking about it makes my nipples itchy and my stomach slightly queasy.

This from the woman who at four years old was helping her Dad to stretch out the insides of dead dolphins so he could measure them.

Care to explain? Or post what squicks you so I can feel better about my irrational grossed-outness?

Meanwhile, here's The Kid practicing Safer Communities Together:

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