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Things I have learned today..

GI JOE IS NOT A PERSON! And never was, apparently. And all the GI Joe action figures were never THE GI Joe, because there was never A GI Joe! It was, apparently, a brand of comic that had lots of characters, and GI Joe action figures were NEVER actually called GI Joe! They had names, and everything..

And here's the theme song..

I never knew because I wasn't interested in shoot-em-up cartoons as a kid. Actually, watching that was... scary. Heroic American military fighting the evil terrorists? When did this meme start? Have Americans always been fed this line that it's Us and Them and they are always bad and we are always good but our patriotic forces will triumph over their evil if we Just Stick With It? By producing cartoons for children, and indoctrinating them young?

That was freaky. The Culture Of Fear, circa ~1970s.. even then, The Terrorist Threat* was on people's TVs, in their homes, daily. Yikes.

TBH I wouldn't be surprised if my parents deliberately steered us away from that stuff, what with them being a bit alternative and all.. I don't remember toy guns, or tanks or war stuff in our house. I don't remember watching any kids' shows based around that stuff. We were into Disney cartoons and liked David Attenborough and Our World and Land of the Lost.

We did have action figures - my brother had The Six Million Dollar Man (he was cool, you could look through the back of his head and his bionic eye would make things look closer) and I had a Barbie-type thing. Once I realised that combing her hair made it turn into a bird's nest of twiddled-up not-real-hair-fibre and therefore she was a poor representation of an actual person, my brother and I joined forces, and Steve Austin and Barbie did many trips from the upstairs balcony to the ground with makeshift parachutes, then we put their arms and legs back on and did it again. And (with Barbie at least - Steve's head was the best bit of him) then we pulled her head off and nailed it to a fencepost to scare away cannibals..

So I'm not sure if our parents' attempts to steer us away from violence were entirely successful. However, we did manage to avoid the indoctrination messages - although people I know who did watch GI Joe and things like it have turned out just fine, and not run off to join the SAS and shoot brown people, so maybe the avoidance is by virtue of living in New Zealand so all that "RAH RAH AMERICA" stuff was irrelevant to us and never got in.

Or maybe it's just looking at a kid thing with an adult eye, like reading Noddy and realising how slashy it is, or realising what self-entitled, everythingist little prats the Famous Five really were. Dunno, but that GI Joe thing really creeped me out.

And now there's a movie, apparently. In which, let me guess - there's a terrorist threat from an Evil Organisation named after a snake that comes from a country where brown people live, and the terrorists are all insidious and killing the innocent people and wanting to take over the world with their weird ways and DO UNSPECIFIED EVIL! And the Americans come along and save the world from the brown people snake organisation by power of superior force, or better training, or higher morals, or The Right Religion, or any of the things America likes to consider itself better at than everyone else, because GOD IS ON OUR SIDE!


That turned into a rant, didn't it? Oops, sorry.

* The conspiracy theorist in me really wants to believe that Americans have been being primed for the last 30 years..

Last night I played house. House music, that is, not dollies and tea sets. Although if I ever get to producing my own music, I'm totally making a house track and calling it 'Dollies and Tea Sets'..



That is all.
Tags: indoctrination, rant, torturing your toys, why god why
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