tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Looking everywhere but at you

More places you can't escape from halitosis:

The train
Lecture theatres
In a game of Twister*

Dear People, please floss. Thanks, Tats.

Got my essay back yesterday - remember the one I wrote 6 weeks in advance, back in the Dark Ages Of Long Ago before I went to Africa? And I did ok (considering that I knew when I handed it in that it wasn't my best work), I'm sitting on A- for the course now, and the 'hey this is what's going to be in the exam' session yesterday gave me confidence that I can maintain this or improve it.

But, right at the top, where I'd put in my usual flippant essay title, was the comment "WRITE THE QUESTION HERE!" To which I went O.o .. because for every other essay I've written, the instructions have specifically stated "Don't write out the question as your title."

So what's a girl to do? I really don't know, other than just accept that occasionally I'm going to lose marks for things that would require a Crystal Ball 2000 to predict.

In other news, I am currently feeding my OCD by adding notes to my music and giving each track a star rating. Genre is all very well, but I want to know if it's mellow, dancey, organic-sounding, robotic-sounding, has a cool thing in it, etc. I know that I could figure this out by just listening to it, but I have 80G of electronic music (yes yes I know there are loads of folks out there with more, your musical cock is bigger than mine, etc) and it'd take me till Christmas or longer to listen to it all and I have No Hope of memorising all that. So instead I'm using no stars = don't bother, one star = filler, two stars = yes and three stars = RAH!

Hopefully this will help with the flow thing. Also with the One Random DnB Track that some folks like to put on their psy album without warning. And it's something I can do while working.

In today's spam: Title - The servants had pulled us apart. Content - I daresay shes upset because she couldnt go out in the carriage with the others.

I'd be totally upset! But I'm not sure I'd be upset enough to buy penis enlargement pills...

Today, I'm not only sans stockings, I'm wearing a skirt that stops above the knees! In spring green! With blossoms! And.. snowflakes? Huh? *frowny face* Weird.

And finally, there's no Canaan Downs this year. Part of me is relieved since it's an expense I can't really afford. Part of me is disappointed because.. Canaan Downs! *sob* I have some very good memories of that trip last year..

Speaking of last year, here's my post from Oct 13 2008. Things have changed a lot since then, but this post still makes me cry. I am a sook.

* I'm not sure about this last one, but, you know, wild stab in the dark.
Tags: dj trainwreck, nostalgia trip, wot no canaan downs?
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