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Wot I did on the weekend by Tats

This morning was one of those Mondays when I woke up staring down the barrel of getting up and dragging my ass to work 5 days a week for the rest of my life and it was daunting. I like my job, I definitely like the money, but if ferrouswheel is right, my life is a mighty long time, and chats with dreadbeard last week reinforced my notion that capitalism is broken, and and and..

.. bleh. We're all so tied into it that most of us can't see any other way of doing things, and short of swimming upcurrent* I'm not sure what to do about it.

Yesterday I spent trotting backwards and forwards between the sewing machine and the computer. On Saturday I downloaded Virtual DJ (purists please be quiet). I've been thinking about learning to mix for a while, and seeing Jeanne Dee** in action at AfrikaBurns sparked something in me that turned thought into action. I have no designs on being famous, adulated or even applauded. What I want is to be able to step up if needed and say "I can do it." This has been a theme for my life - lots of things I've learned have been for this reason.

So I'm part of this sound camp that's full of talented people who play tasty delicious tunes for the shaking of other people's booties, and that's great. And I have quite the large collection of ambient, mellow and daytime-type music, and I want to play it. During the daytime - let's call it Music For Lazing Around To, Or Maybe Dancing If You're A Feral Or Really Keen. And it's good for hooping to.

So anyway, I got this free trial thing with a view to learning to hear two different tracks at the same time, while also learning my music. It's got lots of useful features, most useful so far seems to be the visual of where the track's going (good for finding quiet spots to hide my n00b skills when mixing), and counting the bpm for me so I can try to match tracks to each other.

Yesterday I was attempting to take it down from ~140bpm to 90bpm and back up, as seamlessly as possible. It seems ~3-5bpm is about all you can raise/drop it without it being obvious and jarring, so it was taking around a hour to slow it right down. And while there were some "WTF" moments (dub and techno do not go together, word to the wise) and some amusing train wrecks (ohai, looking at the beatmatching visual helps sometimes eh - although I'm trying to avoid using that where possible), for the most part I thought it went pretty well. At least, pombagira and thomasdequinc didn't rush off down the road to buy earplugs anyway.

My next mission is to sort my music out. I have it sorted into genres, sort of. But I think it'd be more useful to this project to have it sorted into flow - what goes together well, what will match bpm wise, etc. Which means I have to listen to it all and learn it a lot better than I know it now. After that I'll add a mixer into the mix (haw haw) and see if I can figure out this new-fangled technology thing.

See you in a few years.

The other half of yesterday's projects was *CLASSIFIED* Project II. It's.. very heavy. And it's at the point (recipient please note) where there's some hand sewing to do, which I'll attack tonight, and then I'll be needing your body for a hemming session. If all goes well, you should have it just in time for the weather to get really warm. And I expect you to wear it, y'hear?

After that, Illuminati Temple Cloaks R Us for the foreseeable future. I'm getting damn good at that pattern now, so I expect to churn them out almost as fast as we can infiltrate.

And at some point I'd better swot for my exam.

Oh, interesting thing about The Kid. Turns out the struggle to get homework sorted isn't because I'm a crap parent after all - seems that prior to coming to Wellington he'd never done it, so we're in the habit forming stage. It's.. more than a small relief to hear that, and somehow makes it easier to know that it's not just my lack of discipline that's making it hard.

And I got sideswiped by inspiration for KB art. Uh-oh!

* Been there, done that, busted my ass (actually my carpal tunnels) and ended up buying into the system for the easier life and the fringe benefits (ie money).
** Beautiful earth mother type lady who plays daytime psy and ambient music while managing to look like she's meditating. Don't worry, I won't be applying a bindi and assuming lotus position behind the decks.
Tags: creativity - ur doin it, dj trainwreck, put the needle on the.. garment
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