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Lolly shop! I has one!

I got an email from Victoria University the other day. Sadly, it wasn't to offer me half-price courses for next year on a guarantee I'll pass. It was to tell me that they're changing the requirements for a BA. Also, apparently as of next year, all Humanities courses will be worth 20 points, not the 100/18, 200/22, 300/24 they have been.

Not much, really. It means I have to do one more 300-level course than I would have under the old system, but it also means that 300-level courses now cost the same as 100-level courses, so it's not that big a deal - I was planning on going with 300 courses anyway, as soon as my 200-level major requirements are up.

So next year looks like this:

Trimester 1 - SASC 301 - Methods in Social and Cultural Research. I have to do this sooner or later, and the only other Tri 1 course that interests me is Social Movements and the State, which I have to have done a second 200-level SPOL for and I haven't. I could do Comparative Welfare Regimes, but it's getting a bit off-topic for me, so I may as well get the Research Methods stuff, which will also count towards my major.

Trimester 2 - SPOL 209 - Social Policy and the Family. This would fulfill and complete the 200-level requirements for my major, and allow me to do Social Movements in Tri 1 of 2011. It's run by Carol Harrington, under who I've nailed two A+ marks so far. I click with her teaching style and I know that her courses cover concepts over details, and give lots of scope for formulating your own ideas. While it's not hugely on topic, the alternative is The Sociology of Death and Dying, which is even further off.

Trimester 3 - either HRIR 201 - Managing Human Resources and Industrial Relations, or RELI 110 - Myth and Ritual. I worked out that after completing the requirements of my major, I'll still need to do 6 more courses, of which 2 must be at 300-level and 1 at 200-level. So I have 4 courses 'up my sleeve' which can be at any level, and this would be one of those. I figure that if I keep skipping the summer trimester as I did this year, it'll take another year to finish.

Human Resources would be more career-oriented, more useful to the end purpose of my degree, probably more useful in real life, and get that pesky 200-level requirement out of the way - so if I got lazy after finishing my major I could then go "OHAI Anthropology 101, Trance and Meditation 106, etc" and cruise in at the end. I probably won't because Overachievement R Us, y'know, and I'll be all up in the Sociology of Deviance, Drug Use and Misuse, and trying to get them to let me do Honours a year early. Heh. But anyway, since my choice is take an extra year to finish or pick an off-topic for the summer trimester, I figure it's between these two.

At this point, Happy, you should probably step in and make some sensible comment about how Myth and Ritual, while probably more interesting, might turn me into one of those clanking-pentacle types that smells of patchouli and "OMGZ can see your aura!". And how you'll never talk to me again. And then I get to say "But Polly did it and she doesn't clank or smell funny and you talk to her so nyah!" And then you'll mutter a bit and agree ungracefully and point out that skills in dealing with people are probably far more useful to me than skills in dealing with gods. To which I'll agree and go do Human Resources.

*cough* I digress. That seems like a fairly good plan for next year...

Realistically though, lots of the really interesting stuff to do with my field seems to happen at Honours level, and from what I can gather it's only a year, and if I keep up my current marks I might get to skip honours and go straight to Masters (or was it skip Masters and go straight to PhD? Can't remember). But anyway.. yikes. It all seems like it's getting pretty close - if I'm able to do summer trimester courses each year, I'll finish the BA at the end of 2012 - which, in an ironic twist of fate, would be around the time that my offspring either leaves home or goes to university or both.

Then what?

Tags: forward thinking!, kid in a lolly shop lalala, study, undergrad courses are so bleh
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