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Guess what I did last night?

So finally, and with little fanfare, here's a post with some pictures of the art at AfrikaBurns..

Our neighbours the Amadeadly Disco had the best ambient light and the best tattoos!

Art car armadillo. They drove this thing to the burn. Yes they did get stopped by the cops, but only to take photos..

Viewing chair with no ladder!

Preparing to freak out the hippies.

The Photo Frame!

This guy was offering free rides on the handlebars of his bike - anywhwere you wanted to go, day or night. He looks.. fit.

The heart from the Sacred HeartSpace. Illuminati take note.

Fridge magnet poetry!

This was one of my favourite pieces. Two infinity symbols joined by many bits of fluoro string and lit by UV. If you look carefully, I'm in there all camouflaged in the background.

More comfortable than it looks! This camp was called Homeless Hotel (they had a guestbook and everything). It was 95% made from recycled stuff.

Me enjoying the pool at the Homeless Hotel. Also more comfortable than it looks.

The white stuff wrapped around this was some kind of wicking and they lit them on fire! In the background are the desert shipwreck and the Wish. Also, we're in Africa!

Strings of high-class ladies!

Art trike driven mostly by a Priscilla-type drag queen who liked going reallyreallyfast!

Arty shot of the shipwreck..

Lego Man - More Dangerous Than He Looks!

The Memory (which I think should have been called The Crustacean). At AfrikaBurn some art pieces stay out there through the year. This one was new this year, it'll sit there until next year, then they'll burn it. This photo was taken on the Monday after a lot of people had gone home, hence the complete lack of Burn in the background.

I'm not sure what this was, but it was cool.

The burning of the SanClan. The red thing is a papier-mache heart full of wishes donated by burners. It took several hours to burn and I'll be honest - we didn't stay to see it fall. There comes a time when your level of discomfort overcomes your desire for a spectacle and it was FREEZING! (never mind the previous evening's adventures).. I think the AfrikaBurn crew could learn a thing or two from Kiwi about making things burn fast..

Snakes and Ladders!

Shevaun: "He looks like he's sorry." Me: "It has a gender?"

The Wish was the stay-in-the-desert art from last year. It also took a long time to burn, but it looked beautiful while doing it.

What I love about burn events. "There's a naked man on a really tall unicycle going past! No really, there actually is!"

This tumbled into our camp randomly.

Tonight I'm getting my hair cut. By an actual hairdresser, for the first time in a year. I'm quite excited. And, if my dye that I ordered mid-August arrives *looks pointedly at Funkyshop*, I should be back to my-version-of-normal by the end of the week.

In other news, I never knew my heart could feel this warm.. <3

[EDIT] OMG my blog got a hit from Murmansk! Some of you will know how exciting this is for me... *squee*
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