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I'd rather have a quagga. It could be my meeting quagga.

For Happy, in the spirit of sharing that he started - QUANGO!


I got told recently that technically, my organisation is one of these. And looking at that wiki reference, I'd agree, it is. Does this also mean that we are a quasi-autonomous bunch of hippies?

Actually, I think it'd be more fun to be one of these.

So that test I thought I muffed, turns out I did better than I thought. I'll still have to work hard to keep my A, but I'm more confident now.

One weird thing though - I was marked 4/10 on the drugs question. "WTF!!??!!" I hear you say. Yeah, me too. Luckily, I kept the test paper, and was given the marking paper, and the question was (roughly) "Name Bean's tripartite framework of drug-related crime and explain each." And when I compared my answers to what was in the course readings, while not word-for-word, they were close enough so that I would have given me an 8/10 at least.

The answer goes thus (first ones straight out of Bean's book):

1. Psychopharmacological - crimes due to the direct acute effect of a psychoactive drug on the user.

My answer - pretty much exactly what this says. I got full marks for this bit.

2. Economic-compulsive - crimes committed intermittently to to generate money to purchase drugs.

My answer - crimes committed while not necessarily directly under the influence of drugs, but related to the use of drugs, ie committing a burglary to finance a habit.

3. Systemic - crime associated with the marketing of illicit drugs, such as disputes over contracts, territory, markets, etc.

My answer - crimes related to the existence of a black market for illicit drugs, for example turf wars.

I got one mark for the second two answers. My question to you, I guess, is - is it worth stirring things up about it? The 4-6 marks I might get for doing so would raise my A- to an A, so it doesn't really affect my overall course mark - but to be honest my pride is wounded. Drugs are my 'thing', and while the second answer is a bit woolly, it makes the right point - and to get such low marks for it makes me *facepalm* - especially given some of the other woolly answers I gave in the test that I got full marks for.

I guess asking if the marker were under psychopharmacological effects of crack while marking is probably a bad plan, eh? Realistically I should probably just let it go and be happy that I did so well in a test I didn't feel prepared for and mostly winged. But.. grr.

Those of you who like chillout electronica and tribal psy, should check out Digital Lama, by the way. He's behind the Afro Zen and Buddha Zen compilations, in conjunction with Soul Candi, and is worth a listen. Also, Deep Dive Corporation.

And, it's Pictures Of Lions night tonight! It's about 7 and I didn't tell anyone to bring anything because it'll be quite short, but if you think you'll die of thirst or starvation, maybe Nibbles For Africa might be a good idea..
Tags: music i like, quaggas ftw!, study, wtf?
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