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Of peacocks, lines and seduction

I managed to lay my hands on a copy of The Game. It's pretty easy and entertaining reading - everything else aside, the guy is a personable writer. I'm about 20% through it and so far, he's still human. He's at the point where he's having success in getting women to talk to him, and is noticing that the more he learns, the wider the gulf between him and women has become. He says at the end of chapter 7 that he's beginning to see women as projects to be tackled rather than as people just like him, and I get the feeling he's not comfortable with that at this point in his adventure. I am interested at what point he stops caring about that..

I also got sent a link to a blog by a woman, for women, that is a bit more intelligent than the ones I linked to the other day. She also uses NLP amongst other things for her seduction. The post I'm linking to here discusses the male seduction community in relation to George Sodini, and she says some pretty onto it things - this bit resonated with me: "My greatest fear of being single is that I will not be able to find a man who inspires me." I can relate to that, and reason #542 to love ferrouswheel is inspiration. <3

In fact, she had me right up till the last paragraph, where she says this: "And if you're worried that some guy is going to learn how to do that on the internet and that he's going to make you feel all those wonderful things only to go off and do the same thing to another girl in another bar tomorrow night? Then get some game yourself, girl, and learn how to make him keep coming back to you. You too can get what you want."

Which, in my mind, takes the whole thing right back to manipulation, where people stop being people and start being things to bend to your will. I scrolled back through her blog and like the other ones I looked at, there's some great stuff in there, but at some point everything ends up in a context of manipulation. Read, if you will, the entry on "How I Would Seduce Johnny Depp" and see how much of what she's advising is great stuff for generally just improving your life, communication and interactions - but it's all done with the sole purpose of tricking Mr Depp into believing that you are the one person who's not trying to get into his pants, and thus manipulating him into wanting to get into yours.

I think, without having finished the book, that there is a point where the 'improve your life' blends into 'mess with other people's heads for your own nefarious purposes' and to me, that seems the point where the seduction game stops being a good thing and turns into something ugly.

Something I noticed from The Game - the concept of 'peacocking', where you wear something loud and ridiculous to attract attention. This is a concept I cottoned to without realising - the crazy stuff I put in my hair when I go out. To start with, I just did it because I thought it looked cool, but I very soon realised that it caused other people to initiate conversation with me (mostly it seems because they thought it looked cool too). I have lost count of how many times I've heard people say "I wish I had the courage to do that" - so, do people* approach me because they think I must be cool if I have the courage to do it? They would probably think differently if they knew how shy and socially awkward I feel in most situations with strangers. By peacocking my hair and dancing by myself, I seem to create an air of confidence, and that causes others to initiate conversations I don't know if I'd have the courage to initiate. Hmm..

* I also notice it's mostly women who talk to me like this - men (in the situations I do it in, seem more likely to just hit on me, but that could be me projecting some kind of expectation. Dunno)

So anyway, yeah. I will finish the book and try to identify the point where I think he crosses the line. Because right now I'm pretty sure there is one.

And just for laughs, I'm alternating my reading time between The Game and The Ethical Slut. It's amazing how much of the information is similar, given the almost polar opposite applications.
Tags: omg i'm a peacock, sex, the seduction community
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