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What? No Amish?

So. There are no Amish in New Zealand, in fact it seems the only Amish population outside of the American continent is in Ireland. Neither Amish nor Mennonites are mentioned as being here at all. We do have Quakers though, who look like an interesting bunch. Our pet Krazy Kristian over at the NZ Cult List (no I'm not linking it, I told him I wouldn't after he attempted to harangue me about abortion by email) has Quakers marked with 'Caution' Watch out folks, they might be a cult!

However, despite my inability to find Amish in New Zealand, I did find an interesting article on intentional communities.

As the disclaimer says - hope nobody's offended, it's just for fun.

And this is just amazingly cool - 3D projections onto buildings. Please, my chosen geek family, make this happen in Wellington:

Anyway. The last week in Crim we've been looking at family violence and sexual violence in New Zealand. I've found it informative and kind of triggering, and also hard. I know the statistics and sitting in the tutorial yesterday I looked around, knowing that chances are at least one, more likely two or three other people in my class had been victims of one or the other. And Kent, who is 18 and innocent with unformed ideas but an intellect that's Big and Lively and I'd love to meet him again when he's older cos he's going to be one of Those Awesome People you can just tell, was saying "Wow, do all criminologists suffer from depression and cynicism after studying this stuff?"

And all I could think was how amazing the people in my life are. My people are people who know how to deal with the hard stuff without resorting to violence. People who don't need to play 'power over' games because they have their own power. And people who choose not to associate with people who are like that.

It's kind of like.. the people in my tutorial are (for the most part) looking and trying to understand from a purely academic perspective, with little experience of the topic. I can see why that's depressing. For me, with my experience of the seedier side of life, looking at this stuff is a contrast to the way I live now, and it makes me happy - not that it happens, but that it's not happening to me. That that lifestyle is not the norm, and that most people are not like that.

And that makes me feel happy, not cynical and depressed. And it makes me appreciate ferrouswheel all the more.

I also appreciate enjoyable rambling conversations in bed with coffee and toast. It's fast becoming one of my favourite things. <3

Can I be in Africa now?
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