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Raincoats, portaloos and vaguely sexual roses, oh my!

Thanks to the ever-inspiring dreadbeard, I came across this: a charity to help NZ kids, Save The Children styles. Well, not quite. You don't send your money into the ether to be used by the charity for whatever they choose. You have some say over what is bought with the money. I think it's a good idea, even while the idea of NZers being so poor that this is needed causes some cognitive dissonance.

So I was looking around the site, finding out who sponsors it, what they do, that sort of thing, and found their 'about' page, on which they have this photo:

It shows Doug Howlett and Ali Williams (All Blacks, for the uninitiated) handing out raincoats on stage at a school "to increase levels of self esteem by encouraging equality and pride." All fine, right? In fact it's great! All those little poor kids who get to meet the All Blacks and get a free coat, and get to go up on stage at school in front of everyone because they are poor.. oh wait.

Is this different from that "And a little girl waits" charity campaign thing? (go on, tell me you don't remember that. i tried to find it on the interwebz0rs but it seems it's become such a cultural meme that it's disappeared in the connections somewhere). Anyway, trotting out the poor kids in front of everyone to bestow alms upon them seems a little.. undignified?

Don't get me wrong, I think it's great that kids who didn't have coats are now getting them, and that it's been recognised that there are people in New Zealand that don't have enough money for these things. But something about the 'on stage parade' way in which the stuff is given out makes me cringe internally.

On a completely unrelated topic, does anyone else find this image vaguely sexual, or is it just me?

And from kittyfarmer, This is interesting. I've been wondering about Twitter in relation to this. People seem a lot more open about stuff there than on real blogs. And Facebook is even more open IMO because people on there largely use their real names. I remember after Kiwiburn 2008, I arrived home to an email from the lawyers of the Portaloo company, threatening legal action if KB didn't take all references to portaloos out of its material because Portaloo is a trademarked brand and we were to call them 'portable toilets'. Never mind that we were giving them free advertising - and never mind that portaloo is pretty much in the common vernacular in NZ as the word for 'portable toilet'. I would have thought they'd be rapt. Apparently not, it's suable to use their brand name in your material..

I am curious where all this will lead.

In other news, my dog registration papers have First as being a year younger than I have her being. And to be honest, I'm having trouble remembering whether it was 1998 or 1999 when she was born. I'm pretty sure it was 1998. Oh wait, I have her papers somewhere at home.. she may not be as elderly as originally thought. Hmm.

Andandand, has anyone here been to Rhythm and Vines? Is it scarily mainstream?

PS Today I am wearing fishnets and 4 inch heels. My boss (who has clearly never tried to run in 4 inch heels) calls it my 'don't fuck with me' look. ;-)
Tags: charity begins at home, internet lawsuits, save me from the normal people, things that might interest joel ;-)
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