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For Joel:

Last night I dreamed there was a Harry Potter christmas movie. Harry was wearing a 'Where's Waldo' hat, and there were dancing goblins. Please shoot me now.

This made me sad. This is the reason ferrouswheel was blocked from Twitter for the last week he was in China. For some reason it was the photo of the troops forming in People's Square that got me. I think it's because if you look in the background, you can see the countryside, outside of the city - how big it is and how there's room there for everyone. And also because I find it easier to picture myself in the country, and it somehow makes it all more real, all those people.

This is an interesting post (bordering on NSFW - discusses porn amongst other things) - thanks thirstygirl. I read almost to the bottom without my hackles raising. Am I getting complacent? Is my education causing me to consider this perspective unemotionally? Who knows? The bit in the second-to-last paragraph where it discusses some of Simone de Beauvoir's points made me bristle some. I think it's because of the underlying assumption that this is applicable to all women, all the time. But of course my inner academic was going "Well how would you word it then?" And I figure that wording is used deliberately to try and get the point across without making it weaker. Shame, because while it does achieve that, it also makes me respect it less on first reading, and a lot of people probably don't go back and reread.

I went back and reread, and found it somewhat amusing that the ad placement at the bottom of the post, both times, read like this:

"Why Men Always Leave You - Discover a Hidden Secret That Will Have Your Man Back In Your Arms!"

"Site Men - Find your Ideal Man with be2 Take our Free Personality Test Now! "

I don't know if it's random word-association computer match or if they're deliberately trying to be funny, but it made me smile. ;-)

Comedown from intensity is emotionally shaky. Meeting people better behave themselves today.
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