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Mmmmf! mmmmMMMmmmmmffff! Mmmm....

This morning I was sorely tempted, not for the first time, to get a doctor's note and stay in bed. It's much easier (and more tempting) when there's a doctor Right There.

Last night there was Indian food. It was tasty, but I'm thinking maybe I should avoid it in future as I always seem to end up with indigestion after eating it.

(yoinked from slug_life)

Meanwhile, I am suffering my usual midwinter lack of enthusiasm for Kiwiburn-related stuff. Right now, all I want to think about is getting ready for AfrikaBurns. Going to AfrikaBurns will be the first burn I've been to since 2006 that I wasn't deeply involved in the organising of, I'm there as a participant only and I am really looking forward to that. I'm seeing it as kind of a reward. Afterwards, no doubt I'll be infected with the enthusiasm that going to someone else's burn brings you, and I'll be keen and interested in getting into the KB organising again. But right now, I am having to force myself to do it. I suspect I'm not alone in this. The group that's doing it have been doing it for three years solid, we've put in a mighty amount of work getting the organisation stuff to a manageable level, and I think at least some of us are ready to step back and let the enthusiasm be picked up by fresh brains.

One of my current ExCom related jobs is to write up job descriptions for various jobs people can volunteer for. I plan to have that done this week and posted to the forums. However, on top of those jobs, new blood on the committee would be awesome, as I suspect there'll be a rollover of people next year, and we need some folks to be trained up to take over before then.

Just a headsup. I know there are some capable and enthusiastic people who read this.

Today's SOTD: "Restless sticking ability is true! Make your own gun of pleasure!" Paper-mache dildos, anyone?

My back has now been urghy since last Saturday. That's .. longer than usual. It's fine when I'm moving, but sitting is extremely uncomfortable. Clearly I should be lying down. Now where's that doctor's note...?
Tags: kiwiburn, midwinter, those crazy vegetarians, where'd my enthusiasm go?
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